Oops, here are the updates I left out

We are sticking with daycare until my son starts his Montessori toddler program sometime in the fall. My reasons:

  • I don’t want someone working for me who isn’t earning a good, solid, good-living wage. Daycare is pretty inexpensive around here, and the downsides aren’t worth paying 4 – 5 times more for someone to come into our home to watch our kid 30 hours per week. Sure, I could find someone (lots of them, actually) who will take much less, but in the end, I’m not comfortable with that.
  • My son really enjoys daycare. Really. I promise I’m not justifying our choices to make myself feel better – he really enjoys daycare. He plays with other kids (it’s hilarious), hangs out in a fun playroom, and honest-to-god doesn’t miss us once he can’t see us. They have a window just inside the door to the room, and sure enough, by the time the door is closed behind me, he’s over it and playing happily.
  • I really enjoy daycare. I like that he is cared for by a variety of people who do this for a living. Really. People call in sick and not only does he learn to cope with a substitute caregiver, I don’t have to figure out how to cover them.
  • Our daycare plans are ultimately temporary. When he starts the new school in the fall, I am determined to make sure he can go from there to his own home for the rest of the afternoon/ evening, which is unfortunately much more expensive than having him stay there until 5, but that’s too long a day for my little guy. So, instead of worrying about a temporary summer solution (with a temporary caregiver), I’ll focus my efforts on finding a sitter for the afternoon hours starting then.

On the floor bed, do try it! I’m not needing to transition him for any other reason than I thought it would be fun, and since my kid is clearly happy in his crib (SO happy, it was really quite funny) I’ll leave him be. That said, I’ll post something tomorrow on my (admittedly unproven) thoughts on how to transition if I really wanted to.


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