The evolution of my want list

I suspect this isn’t unusual among mamas, but my “stuff I want” list is 80% baby stuff and almost 100% baby-related. I also suspect that it’s not unusual that my husband’s is 75% himself-related and 25% family stuff. It bothered me for a while but I’m trying to (and generally succeeding at) not fighting the things that just are what they are.

Mamas spend a lot of time thinking about their babies and families: dads, not so much, but it doesn’t mean they don’t care. Honestly, I think Joey is a good role model for not losing yourself in your kid, so I try to appreciate his example and incorporate what I can into my own desires.

This morning I commented that sometimes, I can’t wait for Javi to get a little bit older (train tables! trips out of town! backyard camping!) but others, I want to freeze him right at this age (he’s so silly and capable and himself while still needing us just enough).

On my current Want List:

A Montessori-style first table and chair. Javi is increasingly frustrated at sitting through an entire dinner in his high chair. I like the “don’t have to eat but you have to sit at the table when you do” rule, but it’s hard to put into practice when we have to lift and lower him into and out of his high chair.

A train table! For now, he could just play around it since he loves his Fisher Price play table (but I’m not a huge fan of the insipid FP-chick’s voice) but later, we’d start getting him train sets and accessories.

A picnic table. This is a family thing, a way to sit outside and eat dinner while our kid plays in the grass around us. We had a meal at our local BBQ restaurant that was just like this, on a picnic table under the trees with Javi playing in (okay, okay, pulling out) the grass and plants around us, and it was so nice.

So tell me, is your Want List heavy on the baby stuff, light on the me stuff?


3 thoughts on “The evolution of my want list

  1. It is the same way in our family. I want a toy box to organize Logan’s toys, a train table or a regular toddler table with chair for him to play at, a sand box, an eventually a skuut bike for him. My husband’s wants are centered around landscaping and gardening, as well as a few house projects. I think this is a normal trend though. I don’t worry too much about it as long as we both get some of the things we want.

  2. Um…yes. And it’s definitely not helping that I’m addicted to building things! I have about fifty pins for dollhouses, kid-sized tables and chairs, a play kitchen, toddler picnic tables, a high chair, doll furniture… I could go on all day! I just spent all my blog revenue for the month on adorable fabrics to sew Charlie a new duvet. While the hubs saves up to buy guns and hunting trips! Oy vey. At least we’re not alone!

  3. Yepper. Though there are some things my hubby wants for him – so they can do man stuff together!

    Even just looking at our house projects…. T’s main concern is tiling the bathroom floors. My main concern is built-in’s in the playroom along with a soft flooring 🙂

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