We’re trying Mary Poppins

Not that you are on pins and needles waiting on an update, but hey, maybe you are. (Yea, right.)

We’re going with Mary Poppins, as you may have surmised from the title of this post.

  • Last Tuesday, S got sent home with a high fever.
  • Last Wednesday, Javi got sent home with a high fever. He stayed out the rest of the week. We got sick too.
  • Last Friday, L got sent home with a high fever.
  • On Monday, S got sent home with a raging ear infection and possible pink eye. L was still home sick.
  • On Tuesday, while we were deciding whether to keep Javi out to visit other places, L got sent home four hours after arriving with a 102 fever… viral infection, per her doc.

Rational or not, that Tuesday text about L getting sent home was the last straw. We have pulled Javi out of that daycare (and I am so, so embarrassingly sad) and are trying a new in-home daycare with a 30 minute commute.

Here’s why we finally decided to make another plan:

  • While sickness is a part of life when your child is in a daycare setting, our (huge!) daycare is playing games with their three-star state rating. For example, unbeknownst to us, they should be making us wash his hands upon arrival and before leaving. They should be washing their hands BEFORE AND after changing a diaper and washing the kids’ hands after. Any toy that goes into a kid’s mouth should be removed from rotation until disinfected. How did I know this? They trained everyone the week before the inspector’s scheduled visit. This makes me angry. Those stupid stars are supposed to be a useful indicator of good practice, not something you do the week of and never again.
  • Though I could complain, the owner is likely to scold her employees, which also makes me angry. It is her job as management to set the expectation of full compliance, not throw people under the bus when a parent complains. If she made it clear that compliance was not an option, it would be.

So, today I’ve blocked out my schedule to take Javi myself… and I’m really excited!


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