Sometimes I forget that life is different now

A funny thing, given how different life is with a sonshine of a ten-month old in the house. The lyrics to the song stick in my head during quiet moments, reminding me of the rough days when he was younger.

You are my son-shine, my only son-shine.

You make me happy, when skies are gray.

This kid of mine and I, we’ve been through some gray skies… and he’s always been my sunshine. And so, we sing the song every night before he goes to sleep, impatient with my delays in laying him down so he can go to sleep already, Mom!

I’m already perusing big boy beds, debating toddler bed versus twin versus full sizes, forgetting once again that change doesn’t come from out there anymore, but rather, from him. We can’t stand still anymore, thank goodness. A fledgling ability to stand soon becomes standing on one foot leading to tentative attempts to take a step, each next step attempted before the previous is mastered.

He is definitely my kid.

So, tonight, though I want to work out room arrangements and search for, well, something, instead I’ll remind myself of the wonder that is watching a little dude grow up… and try to get some sleep before he wakes up ready to party at the crack of dawn.


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