Javi’s First Year Book

I wasn’t sure I’d actually follow through, but I’d had plans for a while to order a photo book to commemorate Javi’s first year – in time for his first birthday. With not long before the big day (and multiple celebrations!), it was time to put up or shut up.

I’m using Blurb. They’ve added templates since the last time I tried, walking away in frustration then because there were too many decisions to be made. And since buying an Eye-fi card last year, all (well, most) of my photos are in Flickr, which will interface with Blurb.


Long story short: for a frustrated designer like me, it’s still worth the time, if only to please my deep sentimentality. I get to revisit every memory, every pudgy arm, every sweet (and not so sweet) feeling I’ve had in this last (almost) year.


One thought on “Javi’s First Year Book

  1. I’ve never tried blurb, will you share the goods and bads with us when you finish it? (I know, like I had to ask). I’ve always used MyPublisher, but I had some issues with their templates the last time I made a book and am considering switching for the end of 2012 🙂

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