Photo book and other updates…

Of course it would have been too easy to just go with Blurb and finish the darned book. Of course.

Blurb – frustrating interface but it will “fix” pics that are too small or low res. Limited templates. You have to download software but it’s pretty speedy, at least.

Lulu – interface is very simple and it won’t fix your pics, nor could I figure out how to resize the frames. The templates were better. You do your creation online so you can pick up where you left off on any computer, a bonus if you have the source pics scattered across multiple machines.

MyPublisher – ARGH. The software uses a ton of system resources and has crashed on me a few times, I can’t import photos directly from Flickr, and I’m frustrated with the interface. BUT, with half off coupons, my $500 order at Blurb or Lulu becomes less than half that and internet reviewers are happy with MyPublisher quality, so….

<cue me throwing my laptop across the room>


(Sheepishly, she says) We’re back at our old daycare as of this week and it is GLORIOUS. Though we loved Mary Poppins, I didn’t feel the same levity when I dropped off my son as I (still) do with daycare. Upon much reflection, we decided that, although we could make the trek for the sake of our son, we needed to make sure we didn’t have to.

I visited a few other daycares with the same star rating as ours (some secret shopping, if you will) and scheduled a meeting with the director. Remember, I work with unhappy customers for a living, so I was pretty dedicated to the idea of being a good unhappy customer and giving her a chance to address our concerns before we just up and left.

It went very well. She agreed to reinforce the germ-management rules and even my husband felt like she listened to us genuinely. She also waived the fees for the week we kept Javi out, putting her money where her mouth was, so to speak.

*big sigh of relief*

Sometimes you have to leave to know you are good where you are. On the bright side, though Javi got a lot of practice riding in his car seat, in two days with his little buddy at Mary Poppins’, he went from crawling to standing on his own. As of this morning, dude stands all by himself and DANCES.

The happy joyful light feeling in my soul has returned when I drop him off. He’s happy too, smiling and bouncing in excitement as we approach his room.


Speaking of growing up, my little mister is growing up! We’ve been noticing – in sudden moments of clarity, as though we haven’t been with him every day for forever – what a big boy he is these days. I keep waiting for melancholy to strike, but over and over, I’m just so excited for and proud of him. Last night he was asleep on his (very flat) pillow, permission for which is the latest evidence that he’s not a tiny baby anymore. He looked so old. I love it!

He has seven teeth, a huge grin, and tends to dance when joy hits. Last night we lounged on his pillow pile/ fort while eating goldfish crackers together, then he sat on his new mini lounge chair and told me stories. Love it!



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