Weigh in: germ warfare

I tend to be pretty easygoing about germs, but am ready to change my evil ways. (Yes, I’m sick again.) What do you do to combat germs? How often and when do you wash your hands? Your baby’s hands? Every surface in the house?



6 thoughts on “Weigh in: germ warfare

  1. I feel like I’m also pretty easygoing about germs. Beyond washing after diaper changes and using the restroom (duh!), my husband and I try to always wash our hands when we come into the house from outside (i.e. from an errand, work, somewhere public with germs). That’s a habit we kept up after having to almost quarantine our daughter for a couple months after getting home from the NICU. We wipe off our daughter’s hands only when she gets something on them like food. And, beyond the surfaces that get messy daily like the kitchen, we only clean all surfaces every other week (and by we, I mean our cleaning service!).

    That said, my daughter has still picked up a couple of colds in the 6 months she’s been at daycare. We generally do not get sick, but I attribute that more to being good about taking care of ourselves (enough sleep, eating well, etc) than hand washing.

  2. I’m about the same as the previous commenter.

    My hands: constantly, especially when I get home
    Baby’s hands: before he eats and in bath at night
    Surfaces: not that often!

  3. Yeah, we’re about the same. My husband works with juevenile corrections, so he’s super careful about hand washing, anti-bacterial, etc. at work and when he comes home, but we dont really take any special measures at home. Have you tried probiotics for Javi? Well for all of you…that might help combat some of the germies you seem to keep getting 😦

  4. Actually, they say that germs in your house shouldn’t make your kid sick because those germs have been there since Day 1, and so baby should have already developed antibodies to fight off said germs.

    That said, I’m religious about washing my hands, so I do it a lot throughout the day. I don’t wash Baby Loquacious’s hands nearly so much, but on occasion I’ve been known to wipe them down with a wet wipe. Her toys, however… those stuffies are no fun to clean, so I choose not to clean them all that often.

  5. I can understand what the previous poster said about “germs in the house being what you are exposed to daily” type comment. That makes sense. Except we moved to a different home when she was young, and so did her grandparents/inlaws so we made sure to have everything pretty deep clean prior to moving in. & our home we moved into was a neglected shortsell property which required DEEP post construction clean up (the previous homeowner NEVER. Leaned the house, it was FILTHY FILTHY FILTHY). As a result- psychologically for myself I vacuum like, 3x’s/week. Before trash day & imbeteen pur cleaning ladies visits. This is necessary due to increased foot traffic in our home (though we are a “no shoes in the house” type family). AND we steam clean the travertine floors once a month. We have ceiling fans in the bedrooms- so we clean those once a month too.

    For us we clean our hands after we have been outside- i spray my daughters hand with “clean well” hand sanitizer after the park or an outing, & if we are out- I spray her lil hands before meals.


    Despite this I would say we have been sick for an avg amount of times- anything that lingers we just get antibiotics. I thoughttue last “family” illness was virul but my hubby and lil one had a lingering horrible chest cough. 1-2 doses of amoxcillin they were good as new (compared to the previous 2 wks).

  6. No real comment- I am bad about this. But my friend who is a Doctor just told me not to have anti-bacterial stuff in the house. AKA that stuff that says it kills 99% of germs because the 1% of germs that are left behind become super germs. I have no stats or info to back that up. Just thought I’d share.

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