Fly-by post

{Side note: that song about “this is not a drive by” and “my love for you went viral” has been stuck in my head for two weeks. Those lines are the only ones I know and yet…. Argh.}

Before I forget, I have five Grovia hybrid covers I’m ready to unload at the behest of my hubby who (logically) asks why I complain about not being able to close Javi’s drawers when half the stuff in there isn’t being used. Details: two orange, two fishies, one stripe, covers only, $50 plus shipping and I’ll throw in a roll of those liner thingies you put inside to deal with poop. I have used them barely but loved them when I have – mostly to put over disposables when my kiddo was between sizes and therefore prone to cover his bed in tinkle. No wear, no stains, no pilling. Leave a comment or email if you are interested. If this is not a fair price, let me know.

Along those lines, I have dipped my toe back into the hippie waters and am using gDiapers disposable inserts and Flip covers. Why? Yuppie guilt, first and foremost, but then I made a miraculous discovery: because the inserts don’t have a waterproof backing (unlike the Flip or Grovia inserts), two of them give twice the absorbency for my Prince of Peeing! I tried gDiapers thanks to a sweet friend who passed some along for me to try but having to keep track of and attach those liner things was too much for me to handle, sorry. Grovia covers I loved but the inside isn’t waterproof (the outer layer is) so the pee soaked the cover every time. Fail.

Wow, totally didn’t plan to write a billion words about pee and diapers! (And I have now forgotten what I came to write in the first place. Oy.)

Happy Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “Fly-by post

  1. I LOVE FLIP COVERS. That is all.

    PS. I really hope this baby is a girl so I can order one in the new ‘lovelace’ pattern. Swoon! Maybe a ‘dazzle’ too!

  2. I am interested in your covers. We love Grovia. Can you e-mail a picture?

    Also, we love the gdiaper cloth inserts. You can put 2 together and they work pretty well. I use them in the grovia covers.

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