Wherein I bow out of the sleep regression power struggle

At 4ish this morning I had an epiphany: you can’t make a not-sleepy human sleep.


Think about it. If you’re not sleepy and I tried to insist you should be, would it work? Right: no.

So I stopped trying to pressure my kid into sleeping, turned the lights on to full blast and let him play. An hour of fun later (I dozed on the hastily replaced floor bed) he crawled into bed with me and went to sleep.

Whether I totally effed us remains to be seen, but for this little while, I’m going with the flow. He was a good-ish sleeper before so I will have faith he will be again.

Note: I am a bad ass who moved a queen mattress back from the guest room in the wee hours of the morn literally single-handedly. My freaked out clingy monkey wouldn’t let me put him down without screaming as though his heart was broken so I carried him with one arm and cajoled the mattress back into his room with the other. He helped! I’d reach my arm up to push, he’d think for a moment, then reach his arm up to the mattress too. I puffy heart Floor Bed. More on that later.


2 thoughts on “Wherein I bow out of the sleep regression power struggle

  1. Ooooh please tell me more about the floor bed… I’m totally still in the debating process with this and with my daughter being 14 months I have to make a decision soon…

  2. We’ve had these nights. Usually it involves a banana snack and water.. a little bit of TV (me half asleep on the couch, he plays and dances) and like you say and hour later he’s back to sleep.

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