I’m feeling overwhelmed and I hate MyPublisher

I should know to be gentle with myself when I haven’t had much sleep, but I still find myself in the pits of hopelessness on days like this. I was embarrassingly honest Sunday night when I said to my husband, “I feel hopeless about everything.”


I’m flying solo with my one-year old on Friday. Having lived in stark denial about this for many months, I now have to face the facts: it’ll be like flying with a monkey. Must remember to pack bananas.

We are in the midst of a decision about Javi. Those decisions always feel soooo big, so I have to remind myself that decisions can be undone. I also try to remember that in a year, this will (hopefully) be a blip. Still, I feel the weighty responsibility of deciding on the behalf of someone who can’t. Luckily both options are really good, but don’t you find that harder sometimes?

We took a close look at our finances after months of pretty casual spending. Oy. We have committed expenses coming up related to traveling in the months of July and August so we don’t have much room to sock a ton of money away. Having a low balance in our savings always makes me twitchy. I need to change my internal commentary from, “We don’t have enough money” to “we’re choosing to save rather than spend.”

Sleep. LACK THEREOF. I thought we’d escaped the nine-month sleep regression but it seems to have nailed us over the past month. Messy rituals/ schedules over the past weeks of being sick mean we have no idea when it should be or could be nap or bedtime. Sunday night Javi napped through dinner, then went to sleep at 10:30 effing PM AND STILL WOKE UP BEFORE 6. <raising the white flag of surrender> I’d try to get him on a schedule but why bother? For the next two weeks we’ll be in a new place on a different time zone, then home for a few days, then back west for the next week in a really strange place on a really weird time zone.

{PSA: My kiddo, my sister and I are coming to Seattle the week of August 6th. Any brave Seattle-ites want to try to plan an early dinner or something with a crazy monkey and his mama?}

We still haven’t made a decision, I’m still feeling broke (we’re not, but I feel that way) and we still aren’t getting a full night of sleep from our little monkey, but I didn’t have to do the night shift last night so everything seems less horrible.


In other news, I hate MyPublisher. Good gawd, finishing Javi’s first yearbook about killed my laptop (because of my deep desire to throw it against the wall). The software is clunky, slow, awkward and not very robust. You can’t export the file once it gets larger than 100MB or something BUT THEY DON’T WARN YOU so my pretty book was stuck on my husband’s laptop. Nothing more fun than negotiating tons of time on your husband’s work laptop. ARGH. Also, you can’t merge books, so I can’t work on a few months on one machine, a few different months on another, then combine them.

The big thing? YOU CAN’T CREATE MORE THAN 100 PAGES. This is not very clear on their website, and since Lulu.com and Blurb allow more than a hundred pages, I assumed. <slamming forehead against wall> So, while I was willing to pay for a billion pages, in the end I got stuck cramming a ton of photos together just to get under the total limit. Bright side: I had to be more picky about the pics I used. Downside: ARGH.

I saved 60% since they had a promotion bringing my total for four books from $400+ to around $200 with shipping. I hope the darned things are BEAUTIFUL because if not… well, I don’t know.

But I do know that next year I’m using Blurb even if I have to pay full price.


5 thoughts on “I’m feeling overwhelmed and I hate MyPublisher

  1. I used MyPublisher for our wedding album and despised it for every reason you said. And like an idiot, I made Live’s first year book in there too. I hit the 100 page limit by month 9, so Im switching it all over to Blurb. I cant get it cut down. I CAN tell you though, that the quality of the photobook I got from MyPublisher is gorgeous. I bought the largest hardcover size they have with the image printed right on there. Its seriously beautiful. I will definitely use them again in the future, but that 100 page limit killed it for me.

  2. I am sending positive thoughts for all of it. Good for you in traveling with Javi by yourself. I am scared about doing that myself, but I think you’ll feel good about accomplishing that once it’s done! Poor you on the sleeping thing. I don’t think babies (or I guess encroaching on toddlers!) should wake up in the night past 6 months (or ideally earlier!). Full stop. That is it.

    Finally, thanks for the heads up on MyPublisher. We are about to embark on putting together my daughter’s 1st year photobook and I’m guessing we would run into the same issue! Blurb it is.

  3. Flying tips. Not that you asked but we’ve flown 15+ flights with our 10 month old so….

    Bring a spare change of clothes for baby and you.

    You can check two baby items for free on most airlines. If you take your carseat buy a “carseat bag” you can cram all sorts of extra junk in it dipes, food, blah blah

    Unless Javi loves loves loves his stroller take a backpack carrier if you have one. You will still have both hands free and he will be up out of he way of people and roller bags. Plus if you use the bathroom you can go with him on your back.

    If he watches videos load a couple on a phone or iPad and make sure you have them for real – “the cloud” won’t work in airplane mode

    I have a copy of my peanuts birth certificate in my wallet I haven’t needed it but…..

    Snacks….this is the place to overpack. I don’t usually do the packaged finger foods but on Planes she basically can have whatever she wants. Yoghurt bites, crackers, whatever.

    If you can get the bulkhead seat. Then you can put Javi on the floor (gross) but so nice after a squirmy hour or so.

    You can also take more than two ounces of formula, breast milk, baby food and medicines. I always take baby ibuprofen and baby Tylenol just to be safe.

    Last thing not all planes have changing tables (so gross) so you may want to bring a disposable changing pad (like a puppy pee pad) or something just so you aren’t totally grossed out about trying to change your baby in a plane bathroom.

    Good luck and relax it is mostly fun and you’ll be exhausted but you’ll do fine.

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