I have this urge to be not-me

I read bios of people who do things I never will – ultra marathoners, mountaineers, climbers, hikers – knowing I run the risk of being inspired but fully aware of my own idiosyncrasies. I don’t like pain, even the good kind you get from physical pursuits. I have the cardiovascular health of an obese elderly person. I am not a fan of discomfort.

Outdoorsy, I am not.

But strangely, I keep wanting to be. Some of my favorite memories are of being on a lake all day, camping for a weekend in the sand, playing in a creek near our rented cabin. I want my son to get to hang out outside as long as he wants rather than be shepherded away for mealtime or nap time.

I want to go camping. My declaration was greeted with a (smart ass, annoying, appropriate) response from Joey: “Have you ever camped?”

No, not as an adult. Or, well, ever in a tent where I had to bring said tent. Or with a kid. Or dogs. And no, I don’t know how we’d handle Javi’s need for whitenoisedarkroomsleepsackperfectsetting to sleep, nor have I ever slept in a tent with two dogs.


I’m sure we can figure it out! Maybe we’ll even discover it was totally worth the drama for the memories. Maybe not. Regardless, I wanna!

I have a plan:

  • First we’ll extend our short nature center adventures to multiple hours regardless of the weather. Picnic blanket, shade tent, cooler with snacks and supplies and a few hours on a weekend… We can do this.
  • Then we can try a day trip to a camp site with the same setup plus the dogs.
  • After that, we can rent a cabin at a state park and take the same stuff, plus overnight gear.
  • Last, we can do an overnight trip at a campsite at the same park.
  • Who knows, maybe we can even invite friends to bring their kids and dogs?

    I know it’s kind of humorous that someone as city-ish as me wants this so badly. I know! I do, though, and having Javi along makes me want it even more.

    Do you camp with your kids and/ or have fond memories of camping as a kid? Please tell me I’m not the only person who yearns for things that are totally out of character, perhaps romanticizing the grass on the other side?



    Dirty kid. Happy mama.


    3 thoughts on “I have this urge to be not-me

    1. We took tons of camping trips in college. It’s amazing what you don’t need! We’d sit out by the lake, swim, canoe, cook hot dogs and hang out. Of course we had someone with a guitar, that’s a given 😉 I’m excited to take Charlie camping too! I like your plan of easing into it, I think that’s a great way to handle the transition and not drive all of you nuts. P.S. Pinterest has some killer camping tips.

    2. I grew up camping with my family on the weekends, and I LOVED it. My husband and I have gone camping a handful of times (we are the city type too), and I’d love to take our 10 month old next summer at least once! I’d love for her to have those fun memories like I did growing up.

    3. My best chlidhood memories are of camping! We had a pop-up camper instead of tents so it wasn’t quite as rustic, but we camped all the time. I haven’t camped as an adult, and I miss it. My husband never camped, so he doesn’t quite get it.

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