I’m back for a bit

My relationship with blogging is very off and on, admittedly. For weeks I won’t blog, won’t even notice my blog is down (oops, my billing credit card had expired and I’d forgotten I used that one for my host fees) then suddenly I’ll be thinking about things to blog all the time.

So, here I am again.


On the agenda for posts in the near future:

  • The premises under which I have found success as a manager
  • Budget, schmudget: time to get back on one, if only because I feel guilty all the time when we’re not
  • Why the expensive training unders are awesome
  • The unexpected success we’re having with pee-pee’ing and pooping on the potty (we = Javi, given Joey and I have been quite successful at this for rather a long time)
  • The surprising no-good very-hurt-feelings-day I had Saturday because my toddler was mean to me (waaa)


I know, I know, SO MUCH you’ve been wondering about! A very long (but hopefully easy to read) post about how I manage people is coming up in a few.


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