Things mamas shouldn't admit, toddler edition

I have only once wished I could stay home with my son all the time. For less than an hour. I love him to the very depths of my soul but am not our best option for an all day caretaker.

We often look forward to Mondays around here.

My limit on being Happy Mama when with my kid 24/7 is three days. By seven I get twitchy.

I’d rather fly alone with my toddler than with my husband too.

My dates with my kid are more fun when I’m not also interacting with my husband. I can only be fun and nice to one person at once, apparently.

I’m the Dangerous Parent, letting my son do things I only realize might be unsafe when someone else points them out.

I sometimes wish my one year old would get hooked on TV so I’d have the option of plopping him in front of it when he’s grumpy. No dice.


2 thoughts on “Things mamas shouldn't admit, toddler edition

  1. I’m with you on the quality time with the baby with and without the hubby. So much easier to just have a carefree, fun day without someone else to worry about. Sounds like you are the same as me, I tend to let Summer discover, explore, climb, hang upside down, etc. and Scott is the more cautious one, making it less stressful when it’s just me and baby – I feel more free to do things my way.

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