Best Gift Ever for an (approximately) one year old

For months I noticed this little push car in Kelle Hampton’s photos. Finally, on a quick trip to Walmart for something basic, I nabbed one for $40.

Best. Spontaneous. Purchase. Ever.


Seriously. We use this thing as our primary stroller and have for months and months now. It goes to the mall and the farmers’ market and around the block and to the doctor and…. Everywhere. It’s held up surprisingly well despite being taken on greenways and roadways and mountain bike trails. We hose it down periodically (or, honestly, just leave it out in the rain). The little “boot” has room for a coupla diapers and a bag of wipes plus my keys. A coffee cup fits beautifully in the little hole in the parent handle. It pivots easily and is nice and lightweight and fits in the back of my Mazda 3 hatchback (and would fit in a real trunk if you just quickly removed the handle first). I hang bags of produce and whatnot from the farmers’ market on the parent handle’s base and off we go!

If we could buy it in a larger size or with slightly more cargo space, we’d sell our fancy schmancy stroller. (And I LOVE our fancy schmancy stroller.) We’re already dreading the day when Javi’s legs get too long to fit this thing.

P.S. My hubby added an aftermarket customization – a bike water bottle holder – that is the #1 thing we get compliments on.


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