Travel planning, plane trip with a 16-month old

Having learned a few things on our recent road trip about what traveling with a 16-month toddler (as opposed to a one year old baby) might be like, here are my rough plans for our plane trip this holiday season.

– I always traveled in two shirts so that if one was puked on, I could peel it off and be good to go. Then my child vomited an entire cup of strawberries all over me (luckily on our last flight of the trip), leading me to deplane wearing nothing under my raincoat (but a pukey body, that is). So, now I will wear two shirts as per usual but throw an extra tank top and bra in with Javi’s backup clothes.

– I will continue to wear a loose sweater as well, one that can pinch hit as a blankie/ head cover/ water sopper upper as needed.

– I have always packed a few of what I need in my diaper bag and more backup supplies in a backpack along with my electronics. This time, I’m moving the iPad to the diaper bag and the spare clothes to the backpack.

– Speaking of electronics, I bought this Fisher Price case for the iPod (we use the iPod for white noise in Javi’s room) and am a big fan. It’s better protection than my iPhone’s Otterbox Defender case and makes it harder to push the home button. (Note: you can put the iPod in so that the home button is completely blocked, but that’s too inconvenient for me.)

– I really want a Boba Air instead of my bulky Gemini Beco (which I only ever use when flying) but don’t want to fork over the money, so the usual bulky Beco it will be.

– I bought a magnet puzzle and latches puzzle (both Melissa & Doug) for funsies.

– I am packing only books Javi knows well. Like me, he needs familiarity to really like something.

– Snacks: granola, whole wheat goldfish, raisins, pretzels, dried fruit, some sort of hippie good-for-you animal crackers. I use this snack container shoved inside my diaper bag, then pour them into this snack container for him to eat by himself.

– Meds go in the diaper bag even if I won’t need them. I always travel with my own infant Ibuprofen, teething tabs, Benadryl (Javi takes a bit nightly to keep his mucous at bay), ear drops, bandaids, and a couple of measuring squirters.

– I take extra ziploc bags – super dirty diapers, trash I can’t  yet throw away, food Javi has auditioned but deemed unworthy (spit out), bandaids that won’t stick, stickers that won’t stick, dirty clothes, and other generally gross things get put into baggies.

– We will be packing Javi’s pillowcase and favorite blankets even though they’ll be bulky and a pain to find room for. Ditto for the sleep sack, though we’ll only take one since we have access to laundry facilities at my mom’s.


Sorry for the brain dump post. More soon.


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