2013 things

I am loath to call these resolutions but I suppose they are.

In 2013, I will focus on:

Not parenting (or commenting on the parenting by) my husband. When did it become okay to tell someone to do things differently? I will treat my husband like an adult friend and not a husband.

Speaking Spanish with/ to my son. For now we’ll do Spanish I’m the mornings. Yes, all three of us. Later we can adjust to evenings as well. The adults will have the hardest time with this.

Doing the simple things that keep life good – cooking and eating at home (with a plan), having a budget, limiting our consumerism, getting outside, putting my phone down when I, with Javi.

Fostering extended family closeness. Yes, this means more brutal flights and time zone changes but it’s important. We will go to the beach and spend the summer in the southwest and spend our money less on Amazon and more on adventures. (Note: bff’s count as family.)

I will commandeer an office or rent one myself. I will spend more time working and less time politicking. I will kick ass at work again. I will wear heels.

Asking for what I want and need without recrimination for doing so. And while I’m at it, I will stop the passive aggressive crap I’ve adopted since having Javi. My kid is awesome. How did “Javi duty” become something Joey and I bug each other over? I will take it all!

Being okay just being. For once. Forever? I will try.

I can’t wait to be 34. (Seriously. I’ve always wanted to be 34. Weird.)


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