2013 home improvement goals

– Finish the darned kitchen – new cabinets on one side and fronts on the other, counters, open shelves and a bench/ built-in Javi helper area. Oh, yea, and drywall completion, subway tile backslashes and finally hanging the hood. And ripping up and redoing the floors. We will have to learn to hire some of this out.

– Turn Javi’s closet into a library/ toy storage area. Ledges along one wall for books and square cubby shelves on the other, a nice dark paint a a good light plus a reading light in the corner with his PB chair… So excited.

– Regrout the bathroom floor and replace the plastic shower area thing with subway tile.

– Paint the basement office a better color than white and put the shelves back together. Replace the lighting. Paint the bathroom a nice dark wall color and the shower the color of dark rocks. Repaint the kitchen white…?

– Fence in the other half of our property so Javi can play on the one side in safety. Plant a toddler garden. Create a toddler garden maze. Hang a hammock. Turn the dog shelter into a playhouse.


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