Lazy mama’s meal planning

I got a new work computer and it prompted me to try to be more organized. (Am I the only one this way? A new toy somehow means I think I will suddenly change my ways?) For about a month I’ve been trying to plan what we’re eating so I can grocery shop only every other week. Without a plan, we tend to buy a ton of stuff that somehow still doesn’t translate into full meals for more than a few days, so we eat out too. Double whammy.

But, being the technology junkie I am, I wanted a meal-planning solution. You know, an app complete with whiz-bang flipping and pretty pictures. I tried a bunch but in the end went low-tech.

Here’s why:

1. I don’t want to learn a bunch of new recipes. I just want to organize what I’m planning to make.

2. I don’t want to load or build my own recipes into an app just so it can produce a grocery list. I just want a list I can easily check off while shopping. (Bonus for not requiring a pen and paper… which I have to fight my kid for just to check something off.)

3. I don’t want to pay for an app or service or use coupons or shop at one store. We buy olive oil from Earth Fare, tortillas from Trader Joe’s, and benign who-cares-if-they’re-organic supplies from Kroger. I don’t want to follow the coupon train as we save enough money just by eating what we buy!

In 15 minutes today, I created a new iCalendar, added an event to each day with the food I’m planning to make, and as I brainstormed, threw together a list in the reminders app that syncs to my phone (you can do this in Google if you’re not an iPerson). Ta-da!

I think all the other research was just procrastination.


One thought on “Lazy mama’s meal planning

  1. We’ve been menu planning for the same reasons – we used to just buy stuff and then it’d be Wednesday and we’d “have nothing to eat”. Since doing this, our grocery bills for a family of 3 have gone from about $130 to usually around $90… and by Saturday evening, the fridge is bare. Just in time for grocery shopping on Sunday morning! Makes me happy that we are eating real dinner each night and not throwing away a ton of unused produce each weekend. Yey!

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