Committed potty learning at home, week 1

Despite wearing undies and doing the potty thing at school, five days a week, my son is coming home with the same or increasing number of wet undies each day. I don’t expect him to be potty trained, but I’m realizing he won’t really “get it” until we commit to the same strategy at home.

Also, he has taken to pulling his diaper down in public when it’s wet.  Nothing like a little baby moon to tell you it’s time to help a kiddo out, ya know?

March 1, then, was my deadline for having him in undies at home. For another month, he will still wear diapers/ pull-ups when we’re out, but if we’re home, we’re doing the potty thing.

So far, it’s going well. I feel a constant low-level anxiety when he’s home in undies, which is embarrassing to admit. He’s adjusted fine, proudly pulling on his own undies after sitting on the potty and happy to run around in his normal attire up top and nothing but undies down below.

He’s not actually going when we sit him on the potty, which is frustrating. I went back to my favorite book on the topic and confirmed that yes, sometimes this happens, but one should keep to the routine and it’ll click at some point. What’s doubly frustrating for me is that he did get it, for a while, but then parental laziness kept up from taking advantage. Oh, well.

So, to recap, starting last Friday, we do the following routine at home:

  • Come home, go to bathroom, sit on potty, <chill, relax, read books, talk to Mama, hang out>, put on undies and non-slip shoes for warmth and safety.
  • Mama checks Javi constantly to see if he’s wet. He never is. Then she forgets to check and looks over to see a big wet spot on his undies and (sometimes) another spreading below him. Awesome.
  • Go to bathroom, sit on potty, <read books, play with iPod, hang out but don’t, you know, go>, put on dry undies.
  • Wait until mama has stopped paying attention and pee. In dry undies.
  • Start the whole shebang all over again.

Despite the above, it’s really not that bad. Even when he pees and it overflows his undies, it’s a few spots easily wiped up. And already he’s annoyed by the wet undies enough that he’ll complain at me and pull them down, so that’s progress.

Or so I tell myself.


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