It’s on…

How long have I talked about how much I hate our kitchen? Forever, I know. Warning: it won’t end anytime soon because WOO HOO the renovation has begun!

Renovation feels like too strong a word. Renovation feels like thousands of dollars, construction crews, weeks without a working stove and budget overruns.

We may be overly optimistic in believing we’ll have our stove back in a week, but the other stuff we’re avoiding by a) already having spent the money over the last few years and storing things in the garage (*cough* YEARS *cough*), b) doing the work ourselves, c) being optimistic and d) not really having a budget, hence, no overruns. Yay!

I’m so excited I actually think the pictures in this post are of a much-improved kitchen. Seriously. GAH, the blue was a terrible idea way back when.

So, final plans (which I am now constantly second-guessing because ACK, COMMITMENT):

Black tile floors (which will hopefully look less 90stravaganza than that sounds)… the floors are hardwood under all that nasty tar-like glue our predecessors used – oh, the blasphemy – but we don’t want to mess with getting it off nor deal with the potential asbestos-ness of whatever stuff they used in the 60’s to glue down two, count them, TWO layers of fake linoleum stick-on tiles — onto beautiful red oak hardwood, I tell you. So, backerboard and tile it is. Oh, well. <– My husband does all the brute force work, and quite well, I will say

Black/ dark gray grout, thin

Black lower cabinets <– I do all the painting

White walls <– looks like I’ll be doing all the wall touch-up work

Appliances all located in the kitchen <– the fridge has been in the dining room for a year

Phase II:

Concrete counters (DIY because we’re crazy like that)

Better quality (DIY’d) drawer fronts and doors <– again, all me

White subway tile walls 2/3 of the way up (except the pic below has me rethinking that since paneling would be easier and quicker)

Open shelves for microwave, toaster oven, stand mixer


Corner seating area/ home management desk

Custom cabinetry to flank the stove (one side a bench and prep area; the other a compost drawer/ trash and recycling bins cubby)

*I would have loved to have linked to the online version of this picture, complete with attribution, but after 30 minutes of searching both the Sunset Magazine site and googling the photographer and architects, I couldn’t find the darned thing. Really, Sunset Mag, you want to make it that hard for someone to do the right thing? /rant

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