Progress, progress, PROGRESS!

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This is not my kitchen, obviously. This is my kitchen:

I started debating doing a warm white instead of a bright white on the walls and got sucked into the Oh So Wonderful Bazillion White Paint options. Oy. And then maybe instead of Black Black cabinets, perhaps gray? But what kind of gray? Warm gray? Cool gray? But cool grays read like blues sometimes….


Back to the basics.

White walls, shiny black cabinets, lots of drama but still simple and classic and AWESOME. Despite an initial plan to paint the insides of the cabinets an interesting color, I have remembered how dramatic and awesome (I know, it’s early, limited vocab) glassware looks against black.


(That kid looks like my kid’s bff Thad. It’s uncanny.)

My style leans toward the more urban than in my neighborhood, so let’s hope this plan isn’t too horrible for some future potential buyers. I know you’re supposed to do warm, soft colors in the kitchen, but I’m hoping you can’t go wrong with subway tile and white walls. Right? RIGHT? Let’s hope so, since the floor is going in today and it’s beauteous black-ish tile.


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