Need kitchen layout opinions to break a logjam

Our kitchen renovation has once again come to a standstill. Many factors are at play, including total lack of oomph or ambition to do anything beyond keeping our house fairly clean, but we’re hoping to resolve that soon so we need to make some decisions.

This is the current state of our kitchen (squint and you’ll get the right idea of the space without getting caught up in my crappy photo stitching):



Right now the floor plan is like this, owing to a brilliant idea I had to make it more of a galley instead of a single counter line:

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 12.10.55 PM

However, this requires that we a) deal with the open hole where there used to be an old, narrow fridge, b) we build two cabinets (the ones on either side of the stove), c) match counter tops on both sides of the kitchen. It also potentially blocks the view from the dining room through to the back door which might make the kitchen seem smaller… maybe?

I had this idea for the hole, which would also require building:


My updated brilliant master plan is to go back to the single line of cabinets both so you can see through to the back door (which would ideally be switched out to a glass door) and also to minimize the building work necessary..

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 12.13.06 PM

Joey thinks this will ruin everything and we’ve agreed to get more input before I bring the plumber back to move the gas line for the stove… again.

Please weigh in?


5 thoughts on “Need kitchen layout opinions to break a logjam

  1. I like the galley kitchen plan too, I think it will be more efficient in cooking. I also like the built in nook, a good space to have in the kitchen.

  2. what about sticking with the all-on-one option for the appliances and then doing top cabinet depth (shallow) cabinets and counters on the side with the door? Then you would have more storage and counter space, but not much lost in terms of floor space 🙂 Then you can have a two butt kitchen instead of a one butt kitchen (hard to ask for help when there’s no room for a second butt in the room)

  3. Consider traffic flow if you put in a galley option. If that door gets a lot of use, and swings open towards the room rather than against the wall, it might be really tight to get in the door while managing kid, dogs, groceries, etc, if you have to navigate around the cabinet. I suggest building a cardboard mockup of the volume to make sure it works- you might have to change the door swing so that it opens towards the wall. Also, if you go with the galley set up, what happens in the back corner (where the stove sits in the one-line option). Maybe an additional corner cabinet? If you use that door a lot for entry from outside, maybe a tall cabinet setup as a place to drop shoes and coats?

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