2014, theme

Theme for 2014: Feeling Comfortable

I admitted to my husband that I was locked up about seemingly easy tasks like cleaning out closets, making vet appointments and Craigslisting many, many things, so I’m spending this morning considering why I feel so bad when I think about them.

<long story about strengths-based thinking and why how you feel provides the epiphanies>

<long story about rereading this book despite it turning me off with its typical acronym-laden premise and realizing it was the one of the parenting epiphany>

Feeling Comfortable encompasses all of the things I’m trying to do better but haven’t ever succeeded at: thoughtful stuff and money management, focusing on one thing at a time, relying less on external validation, decluttering and getting my house under control and moving succeeding and… everything. It feels like everything. Everything is overwhelming.

“Feeling comfortable,” though, is a mantra. I can handle mantras.

When I make plans to build a work wardrobe, I want to feel comfortable – physically, in the clothes, but also that I am put together and fit in and feel like myself, but really awesome. When I make plans to do research for my new role, I’m trying to feel comfortable that I am adding value to the team. And when we declutter and consider home-related purchases, the goal of feeling comfortable (when we list our house, when we host friends, when we live in our home) is more important than my default search for the cheapest or quickest or most available.

Feeling comfortable is where I want to get. Feeling really uncomfortable is how I figure out how to get there.


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