Buying (work) stuff: a new strategy

I like making plans, but then I ignore them. After obsessive research on a specific item, I get overwhelmed, walk away, and buy the first other thing I see at a store.

Since I’m going to stick to buying things off lists this year, I needed to put said lists somewhere. Note that for the first time in a decade, I need to buy enough work clothes to wear into an office with the same people most days of the week, so some planning is necessary. Note also that since my theme is Being Comfortable, those clothes need to fit well, feel good and fit in so I’m not worried about my clothes when I should be thinking about something more useful, like how little I know in this new gig.

Pinterest is where I stick items I’m considering: this board for items I really like and this board for really expensive items I really like.

Once I have an idea what I want to buy next, Hukkster keeps track of sales for me.

When I need to see how it all fits together, finally, I use Polyvore:

Winter two-day work trip

So far, this whole shebang seems to be working for me. I just bought the Cole Haan heels in black instead of nude once I realized one should not wear nude heels with tights, a problem since my next work trip is in Boston in January. I decided to wait to buy a navy blue suit despite many sales because I’m comfortable that Hukkster will alert me when it goes on sale again. And after putting my clothes into the Polyvore board, I realized I needed more color or interesting accessories if I bought the gray sweater as planned. (The blue one, unfortunately, is sold out.)

As my son would declare after recovering from a meltdown: “Guys, I feel better!”


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