2014: But what about commodities?

In my attempts to reign in my default consumerism, I’ve done a pretty good job so far. When I needed a reward (ahem, BRIBE) to get Javi back on the potty after a couple of weeks in pull-ups, I bought a pack of three Jake and the Neverland Pirates characters because I knew he would use them with his trains and trucks and tractors and they were part of a set. I haven’t ordered from Amazon in almost a month (whoa, I know). I chose three items from a J. Crew sale (old habit) and then actually purchased them (new habit) after reviewing my work wardrobe and deciding what would fit in (new habit).

I’m not sure how to handle commodity purchasing, though.

I have a thing about people who rail against the globalization of jobs and then buy things at Walmart. Luckily, I am a supporter of globalization, since I do shop at Walmart and work for a global corporation. That said, I don’t yet have a strategy for deciding on purchases like bed sheets or home goods. I’m looking for quality, sure, but I don’t need Frette for Javi’s bed sheets. I’d like nice looking hampers that will hold up for a while, but I’m not sure how I feel (yet) about buying them at TJ Maxx.

I’m getting close to purposeful purchasing in most of the high-volume areas – food, clothing, cleaning supplies, individual items and toys – so overall, I’m doing well for being one month into the year, though!


Food: happy cows/ pigs/ chickens, local if possible, as close to whole food as possible… except for Oreos

Clothing: have a plan, buy things I love, goal to feel comfortable, keep Pinterest and Polyvore boards

Cleaning supplies: Honest.com all the way

Individual items: from people I know/ artists, or actual people who own the store, or companies I believe in, or locally

Toys: part of a set, useful on multiple levels, will last multiple years, beautiful or awesome}


I love to share interesting and useful finds, on- and offline, so I’m going to start putting them at the end of my posts.

Do you know about Hukkster? It’s an app/ online service that tracks sales on specific items (in your size/ color preferences) for you. I had my eye on a sweater from Banana Republic, tagged it on Hukkster, and got an email a few days ago that it was on sale for 50% off! If you have long-term wardrobe plans or just like to shop sales, I highly recommend it.


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