Someday soon I’ll have to decide…

We are STILL working on the $$^%^^$% kitchen, but someday soon (as in, two, maybe three days from now? Too optimistic? Must. Believe. Despite. Reality.) we will wrap up the never-ending finish work (and let’s just fast forward past the work I have to do in the bathroom) and need to deal with the exterior.Image

We have a gray shingled roof slightly darker than the photo above, but the house is all white AND THAT’S NOT CHANGING ANYTIME SOON. (There. I told myself.) A smart friend once remarked that the nice houses she noticed on her walks had a three-color scheme going on, so I need both a secondary and tertiary color.

The garage doors are old school, not-automated, and currently window-pane painted, which I hate. At least they’re no longer mint green, but still. I will paint them a solid color and am thinking that white might be best.

That said:


Perhaps not? And then there are actual colors to choose. Maybe a lighter gray?



Or maybe a red door? (We don’t have shutters. Try to ignore the BRIGHT RED shutters. The online tool I was using doesn’t let me paint doors and not shutters.)


And while the door and porch are blue now, looking at this next picture made me realize those colors make the house look dated:


Anyone want to decide for me?


4 thoughts on “Someday soon I’ll have to decide…

    • I looked at that post, actually (great minds think alike!) but while they have brick to ground the brightness of the door, our house is straight-up all white. When I tried the yellow door on this photo, it just didn’t work for me. I will try again, though. Maybe I just didn’t choose the right shade?

  1. Totally love the first pic best!! So first and easiest- I love the dark gray. I personally did Orange with a beige house, beige shutters and white garage- and LOVE it. But you are seriously inspiring me to paint the shutters black or dark gray!! The orange is 14 Carrots from BM- custom exterior mix. If you could add shutters- that’d be amazing. But I think just the door would be awesome. And perhaps a planter with spring blooms would go a LONNG way to add that pop of color you want.

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