Once upon a time, I was this (or this, if you prefer the pretty version).  Then I blogged here (more about why I don’t blog there, here).

And now, here I am.  Thanks for following.

What am I?

I’m a thirty-something career woman taking full advantage of a second-chance marriage to a fabulous (and frustrating) man.  We have two and a half dogs (don’t worry, the third is a whole dog, but we keep telling ourselves we’re going to find him a home) and five (yes, five!) cats, two houses (read more about the Bonus House here).

Where am I?

Because I took a great job with A Major Corporation but refused to move, I spend half my time in my home office in Knoxville and the other half in a downtown office in Seattle.  I feel guilty when I’m in either place for not being in the other place.

Who am I?

I love my husband, my cat, my dogs and my house (I’m a prioritizer).  I can’t make a decision to save my life, unless it’s work-related, in which case I’m Ms. Decisive.  I’m loyal, protective, defensive, and verbally nimble.  I argue badly. I grow up slowly.  I like parenthetical asides. (Obviously.)


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